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Public Member Functions

 cCiApplicationInformation (uint16_t SessionId, cCiTransportConnection *Tc)
virtual ~cCiApplicationInformation ()
virtual bool Process (int Length=0, const uint8_t *Data=NULL)
bool EnterMenu (void)
const char * GetMenuString (void)

Private Attributes

int state
time_t creationTime
uint8_t applicationType
uint16_t applicationManufacturer
uint16_t manufacturerCode
char * menuString

Detailed Description

Definition at line 773 of file ci.c.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cCiApplicationInformation::cCiApplicationInformation ( uint16_t  SessionId,
cCiTransportConnection Tc 

Definition at line 789 of file ci.c.

References creationTime, dbgprotocol, menuString, and state.

cCiApplicationInformation::~cCiApplicationInformation (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 798 of file ci.c.

References menuString.

Member Function Documentation

bool cCiApplicationInformation::Process ( int  Length = 0,
const uint8_t *  Data = NULL 
) [virtual]

Reimplemented from cCiSession.

Definition at line 803 of file ci.c.

References AOT_APPLICATION_INFO, AOT_APPLICATION_INFO_ENQ, applicationManufacturer, applicationType, dbgprotocol, esyslog, get_unaligned(), cCiSession::GetData(), GetString(), cCiSession::GetTag(), isyslog, manufacturerCode, menuString, cCiSession::SendData(), cCiSession::SessionId(), and state.

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bool cCiApplicationInformation::EnterMenu ( void   ) 

Definition at line 838 of file ci.c.

References AOT_ENTER_MENU, creationTime, dbgprotocol, cCiSession::SendData(), cCiSession::SessionId(), state, and WRKRND_TIME_BEFORE_ENTER_MENU.

Referenced by cCiHandler::EnterMenu().

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const char* cCiApplicationInformation::GetMenuString ( void   )  [inline]

Definition at line 786 of file ci.c.

Referenced by cCiHandler::GetCamName().

Member Data Documentation

int cCiApplicationInformation::state [private]

Definition at line 775 of file ci.c.

Referenced by cCiApplicationInformation(), EnterMenu(), and Process().

time_t cCiApplicationInformation::creationTime [private]

Definition at line 776 of file ci.c.

Referenced by cCiApplicationInformation(), and EnterMenu().

uint8_t cCiApplicationInformation::applicationType [private]

Definition at line 777 of file ci.c.

Referenced by Process().

uint16_t cCiApplicationInformation::applicationManufacturer [private]

Definition at line 778 of file ci.c.

Referenced by Process().

uint16_t cCiApplicationInformation::manufacturerCode [private]

Definition at line 779 of file ci.c.

Referenced by Process().

char* cCiApplicationInformation::menuString [private]

Definition at line 780 of file ci.c.

Referenced by cCiApplicationInformation(), Process(), and ~cCiApplicationInformation().

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