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#include <stdio.h>

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#define tr(s)   I18nTranslate(s)


typedef const char * tI18nPhrase [I18nNumLanguages]


void I18nRegister (const tI18nPhrase *const Phrases, const char *Plugin)
const char * I18nTranslate (const char *s, const char *Plugin=NULL) __attribute_format_arg__(1)
const char *const * I18nLanguages (void)
const char *const * I18nCharSets (void)
const char * I18nLanguageCode (int Index)
int I18nLanguageIndex (const char *Code)
const char * I18nNormalizeLanguageCode (const char *Code)
bool I18nIsPreferredLanguage (int *PreferredLanguages, const char *LanguageCode, int &OldPreference, int *Position=NULL)


const int I18nNumLanguages = 21

Define Documentation

#define tr (  )     I18nTranslate(s)

Definition at line 45 of file i18n.h.

Referenced by AssertFreeDiskSpace(), cControl::Attach(), cDisplayTracks::cDisplayTracks(), ChannelString(), cMenuEditBoolItem::cMenuEditBoolItem(), cMenuEditStrItem::cMenuEditStrItem(), cMenuEditTimer::cMenuEditTimer(), cMenuEvent::cMenuEvent(), cMenuMain::cMenuMain(), cMenuRecording::cMenuRecording(), cMenuSetupCICAM::cMenuSetupCICAM(), cMenuSetupCICAMItem::cMenuSetupCICAMItem(), cMenuSetupDVB::cMenuSetupDVB(), cMenuSetupEPG::cMenuSetupEPG(), cMenuSetupHello::cMenuSetupHello(), cMenuSetupLNB::cMenuSetupLNB(), cMenuSetupMisc::cMenuSetupMisc(), cMenuSetupPlugins::cMenuSetupPlugins(), cMenuSetupRecord::cMenuSetupRecord(), cMenuSetupReplay::cMenuSetupReplay(), cMenuRecordings::Commands(), cDisplayTracks::Create(), cMenuRecordings::Delete(), cMenuTimers::Delete(), cMenuChannels::Delete(), cSkinSTTNG::Description(), cSkinClassic::Description(), cSkinCurses::Description(), cPluginHello::Description(), cReplayControl::EditCut(), cEvent::FixEpgBugs(), cMenuRecordings::GetRecording(), cInterface::LearnKeys(), main(), cPluginHello::MainMenuAction(), cPluginHello::MainMenuEntry(), cOsdMenu::Mark(), cMenuSetupCICAM::Menu(), cRecordControls::PauseLiveVideo(), cMenuSchedule::PrepareScheduleAllAll(), cMenuSchedule::PrepareScheduleAllThis(), cMenuSchedule::PrepareScheduleThisAll(), cMenuSchedule::PrepareScheduleThisThis(), cTimer::PrintDay(), cEITScanner::Process(), cMenuMain::ProcessKey(), cMenuSetupPlugins::ProcessKey(), cMenuSchedule::ProcessKey(), cMenuEditTimer::ProcessKey(), cMenuEditChannel::ProcessKey(), cInterface::QueryKeys(), cEvent::Read(), cMenuCamEnquiry::Reply(), cMenuSetupCICAM::Reset(), cMenuSetup::Restart(), cMenuMain::Set(), cMenuSetup::Set(), cMenuSetupOSD::Set(), cMenuEditMapItem::Set(), cMenuEditCaItem::Set(), cMenuEditTimer::SetFirstDayItem(), cMenuEditStrItem::SetHelpKeys(), cMenuRecordings::SetHelpKeys(), cMenuSchedule::SetHelpKeys(), cMenuWhatsOn::SetHelpKeys(), cMenuTimers::SetHelpKeys(), cMenuSetupPage::SetPlugin(), cMenuSetupPage::SetSection(), cMenuSetupLNB::Setup(), cMenuSetupDVB::Setup(), cMenuSetupEPG::Setup(), cMenuChannels::Setup(), cMenuEditChannel::Setup(), cSkinClassicDisplayVolume::SetVolume(), cSkinCursesDisplayVolume::SetVolume(), cRecordControls::Start(), cMenuSchedule::Switch(), cMenuWhatsOn::Switch(), cDevice::SwitchChannel(), cReplayControl::TimeSearchDisplay(), cMenuMain::Update(), and WeekDayName().

Typedef Documentation

typedef const char* tI18nPhrase[I18nNumLanguages]

Definition at line 17 of file i18n.h.

Function Documentation

const char* const* I18nCharSets ( void   ) 

Definition at line 6215 of file i18n.c.

References Phrases.

Referenced by main(), cMenuSetupOSD::ProcessKey(), and cMenuSetupOSD::~cMenuSetupOSD().

bool I18nIsPreferredLanguage ( int *  PreferredLanguages,
const char *  LanguageCode,
int &  OldPreference,
int *  Position = NULL 

Checks the given LanguageCode (which may be something like "eng" or "eng+deu") against the PreferredLanguages and returns true if one is found that has an index smaller than OldPreference (which should be initialized to -1 before the first call to this function in a sequence of checks). If LanguageCode is not any of the PreferredLanguages, and OldPreference is less than zero, OldPreference will be set to a value higher than the highest language index. If Position is given, it will return 0 if this was a single language code (like "eng"), 1 if it was the first of two language codes (like "eng" out of "eng+deu") and 2 if it was the second one (like "deu" out of ""eng+deu").

Definition at line 6275 of file i18n.c.

References I18nLanguageIndex(), and I18nNumLanguages.

Referenced by cEIT::cEIT(), and cDevice::EnsureAudioTrack().

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const char* I18nLanguageCode ( int  Index  ) 

Definition at line 6220 of file i18n.c.

References I18nNumLanguages, and Phrases.

Referenced by I18nNormalizeLanguageCode(), cTheme::Save(), and cSetup::StoreLanguages().

int I18nLanguageIndex ( const char *  Code  ) 

Definition at line 6225 of file i18n.c.

References I18nNumLanguages, and Phrases.

Referenced by I18nIsPreferredLanguage(), I18nNormalizeLanguageCode(), cTheme::Load(), and cSetup::ParseLanguages().

const char* const* I18nLanguages ( void   ) 

Definition at line 6210 of file i18n.c.

References Phrases.

Referenced by cMenuSetupOSD::Set(), cMenuSetupDVB::Setup(), and cMenuSetupEPG::Setup().

const char* I18nNormalizeLanguageCode ( const char *  Code  ) 

Returns a 3 letter language code that may not be zero terminated. If no normalized language code can be found, the given Code is returned. Make sure at most 3 characters are copied when using it!

Definition at line 6244 of file i18n.c.

References I18nLanguageCode(), and I18nLanguageIndex().

Referenced by cEIT::cEIT(), and cPatFilter::Process().

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void I18nRegister ( const tI18nPhrase *const   Phrases,
const char *  Plugin 

Definition at line 6179 of file i18n.c.

References cListBase::Add(), cListBase::Del(), and cI18nList::Get().

Referenced by cPlugin::RegisterI18n(), and cPlugin::~cPlugin().

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const char* I18nTranslate ( const char *  s,
const char *  Plugin = NULL 

Definition at line 6188 of file i18n.c.

References esyslog, cI18nList::GetPhrases(), cSetup::OSDLanguage, Phrases, and Setup.

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Variable Documentation

const int I18nNumLanguages = 21

Definition at line 15 of file i18n.h.

Referenced by cMenuSetupDVB::cMenuSetupDVB(), cMenuSetupEPG::cMenuSetupEPG(), I18nIsPreferredLanguage(), I18nLanguageCode(), I18nLanguageIndex(), cSetup::ParseLanguages(), cMenuSetupDVB::ProcessKey(), cMenuSetupEPG::ProcessKey(), cTheme::Save(), cMenuSetupOSD::Set(), cMenuSetupDVB::Setup(), cMenuSetupEPG::Setup(), cSetup::StoreLanguages(), and cTheme::~cTheme().

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