SI::ait_app Struct Reference

#include <headers.h>

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Public Attributes

u_char organisation_id_hi_hi:8
u_char organisation_id_hi_lo:8
u_char organisation_id_lo_hi:8
u_char organisation_id_lo_lo:8
u_char application_id_hi:8
u_char application_id_lo:8
u_char application_control_code:8
u_char __pad0__:4
u_char application_descriptors_length_hi:4
u_char application_descriptors_length_lo:8

Detailed Description

Definition at line 713 of file headers.h.

Member Data Documentation

u_char SI::ait_app::organisation_id_hi_hi

Definition at line 716 of file headers.h.

u_char SI::ait_app::organisation_id_hi_lo

Definition at line 717 of file headers.h.

u_char SI::ait_app::organisation_id_lo_hi

Definition at line 718 of file headers.h.

u_char SI::ait_app::organisation_id_lo_lo

Definition at line 719 of file headers.h.

u_char SI::ait_app::application_id_hi

Definition at line 722 of file headers.h.

u_char SI::ait_app::application_id_lo

Definition at line 723 of file headers.h.

u_char SI::ait_app::application_control_code

Definition at line 724 of file headers.h.

Referenced by SI::AIT::Application::getControlCode().

u_char SI::ait_app::__pad0__

Definition at line 726 of file headers.h.

u_char SI::ait_app::application_descriptors_length_hi

Definition at line 727 of file headers.h.

u_char SI::ait_app::application_descriptors_length_lo

Definition at line 731 of file headers.h.

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